Following the next steps for living with COVID-19 from the 1st of April, questions on pupil absence due to COVID-19 and wraparound childcare have been removed from the form.

Educational Setting Status

We are asking educational settings for information about pupil or student attendance and setting closures or partial closures each Thursday.

Use this service to report:

  • whether your setting is open
  • pupil on-site attendance
  • staff absences

Please complete the form each Thursday. On any other weekday, please only complete the form if your setting is closed.

You can also use this form to tell us how your school is using the National Tutoring Programme's School-Led Tutoring grant. These questions will appear on 26 May, 23 June and 14 July 2022.

This data is being collected to help manage the impact of and response to coronavirus (COVID-19) on the education sector. The information you supply helps the department and other government bodies make decisions. We thank you for your time and patience.

We would appreciate it if you continue to update your educational setting status information by 2:00pm.

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